Legal Remedies For People Injured in Accidents

As a construction worker, you get exposed to a host of risks, which by extension means that the odds of sustaining work-related injuries are equally high. The law recognizes this, and if you get injured on the job, you will almost have a legal option to recover damages such as lost income and medical expenses. To get compensation, you can either;

File a workers’ compensation claim

A personal injury lawsuit or,

A product liability suit

Here’s an overview each of these provisions;

Filing a Injury Claim

Under this option, you get entitled to payment for almost every other loss caused by the injuries. Worker’s compensation benefits are paid through an insurance cover. Employers have a legal duty to purchase a workers’ compensation policy for their employees. And, workers’ compensation insurance is not subject to no- fault laws, meaning that you will get paid irrespective of where you live.

While a workers’ compensation plan will help you recover damages, the amount is relatively small in comparison to what you can get if you file a personal injury suit with the help of a bronx injury lawyer, which takes us to the next option.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

You’re only entitled to file a personal injury claim if you have a direct relationship with your employer. Thus, individuals involved in the construction of a building from the general contractor to the architect, the material engineer and subcontractors can file a personal injury lawsuit.

For you to sue successfully, you only need to show that another party, other than your direct employer is entirely or partially to blame for the incident that caused the injury. You must also prove that;

The defendant has a legal responsibility to provide your safety The defendant neglected the said duty

The action or inaction of the respondent caused the accident

All of these requirements need to be met in order to file a lawsuit